Fieldnotes 005 | WerkHaus, Margate

Fieldnotes 005 | WerkHaus, Margate

Since its establishment in 2017, WerkHaus Margate has been at the forefront of redefining fashion norms and providing a unique shopping experience for individuals who appreciate unisex and utilitarian clothing. Founded by Cynthia Lawrence-John and Rae Jones, two fashion designers who bonded over their love for menswear, WerkHaus offers a carefully curated selection of vintage finds, sustainable denim, and new workwear brands such as Stan Ray. With a commitment to accessibility, both in terms of pricing and customer approachability, WerkHaus has become a go-to destination for those seeking distinctive styles that transcend gender boundaries.


Tell us about your store and the brands you carry.

At WerkHaus Margate, we aim to provide a diverse range of fashion options that challenge traditional gender roles. Our store features a combination of hand-selected vintage pieces, sustainable denim from Kings of Indigo, and new workwear brands like Stan Ray. Additionally, we offer accessories such as Le Beret Francis, Jollies socks, and Le Specs sunglasses. We take pride in our own clothing range, which utilizes leftover fabrics from the fashion industry. Our focus is on accessibility, ensuring a wide range of sizes and a welcoming environment for our customers.



What criteria do you consider when selecting brands for your store?

We have a straightforward approach to buying. We ask ourselves three questions: Will it last? Would we wear it? And does it have pockets? We prioritize brands that offer longevity, align with our ethical and sustainability values, and provide practical and versatile designs. We strive to introduce unique and lesser-known brands that share our commitment to responsible manufacturing.



How did Uskees become a part of the WerkHaus offering?

Uskees was brought to our attention by an agent for another brand who thought we would appreciate it, and they were absolutely right! We were immediately drawn to the simplicity of Uskees' shapes and the extensive range of colours they offer. Their overshirts have become a consistent bestseller, with customers often returning to buy them in different colourways. Uskees perfectly complements the aesthetic and values of WerkHaus, and we have also found their beanies and socks to be great additions to our inventory.



What drew you both to Margate?

Margate is a beautiful coastal town with its own unique charm. While the winter months can be harsh, there is an undeniable beauty to British coastal towns during that time. Margate has a strong sense of community, and during the summer, it becomes a vibrant and lively destination. There's a laid-back atmosphere where you can simply head to the beach without any specific plans and always encounter friendly faces and fun activities.



Are there any must-visit spots in Margate that you recommend?

Absolutely! Some of our favourites include the picturesque seafront, the incredible Margate Bookshop, and the charming Tom Thumb Theatre, known for its unexpected performances. We also recommend checking out Bottega Caruso, a delightful Italian kitchen, and Northdown Brewery, a local keg and cask brewery.



How do Uskees pieces fit into WerkHaus' fashion philosophy?

Uskees pieces are incredibly versatile, which aligns perfectly with our style. We love to wear them layered, and they are suitable for all seasons. Our favourite styling choice is an oversize d buttoned overshirt paired with a skirt, dress, or balloon jeans. Uskees garments age beautifully with every wear and wash, emphasising our commitment to clothing that is built to last.



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