New dress code | The latest standard office attire campaign

New dress code | The latest standard office attire campaign

The inspiration for our latest campaign shoot was simple: Uskees take on the office dress code. What we wear to work (and where we work from) has been under the microscope under the last couple of years. The pandemic, remote working and technological shifts have meant that ‘standard office attire’ doesn’t mean what it once did.



While our last campaign looked at people who have unusual office set-ups (a shoe workshop, a neon studio), this campaign is more interested in finding the unusual in the day-to-day.

Gone are the days of rigid suits and uncomfortable shoes. Instead, our campaign featured a range of ensembles that reflect the changing landscape of work attire.



Workwear pieces in bold, contrasting colours. Tailored items paired with relaxed cotton jersey shorts or slouch cotton socks. Oversized corduroy silhouetted in bright shades. Deliberately contrasting textures like superlight, jersey and corduroy. The campaign is all about effortlessness that makes an impact, dressing for yourself and your day, instead of a dated idea of professionalism.



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Model: Mike Cooke

Photography: George Heaton

Styling: Cal Mac

Art direction: Mia Swain