Our approach

We design everything at Uskees HQ in Manchester, England. Most of our garments are manufactured by our partner factories in India. Some of our jersey basics are manufactured in Turkey. Special projects such as deadstock and our hats and socks are manufactured in the UK, either here at Uskees or with partner factories in Scotland.

Director Paul regularly visits our factories, meeting with every overseas supplier Uskees use. Our lead supplier in India is GOTS certified. Being GOTS certified means that a product or manufacturer has met strict environmental and social criteria throughout the entire textile supply chain. The fabrics we use are either OCS or GOTS approved. OCS (Organic Content Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certifications guarantee the organic integrity of textiles, reflecting our commitment to low environmental impact, ethical labor, and quality products.

For our European operations, we’re members of the Landbell scheme (in Germany) and Triman (in France). Membership to Landbell means we’re part of a network that provides comprehensive waste management solutions and compliance services, including recycling, recovery, and disposal of waste.

Triman is a French initiative that requires companies to display the Triman logo on their products and packaging to indicate that they are compliant with waste disposal regulations. Being a member of Triman means that we’ve met the legal requirements for waste management in France, including the collection, sorting, and recycling of waste materials.


Work to avoid waste in a number of creative ways. Our organic cotton tote bags are made from leftover fabric from the production of garments like workshirts and jackets. Our limited deadstock ranges utilise leftover fabric sourced from the UK too. We never want to see garment go to landfill, even if there’s something about it that means it doesn’t fit in our main collection. That’s why we sell our samples and faulty items on our Depop store.