Canvas: Behind the weave.

Canvas: Behind the weave.

Canvas, a material known for its stiff, coarse texture, rugged surface, and cross-grain ribbing. It’s no wonder it’s been used for a wide range of purposes, from sails, tents, sneakers, and jackets. You probably know it best as the signature fabric used on Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

We love clothing that tells a story, and there aren’t as many fabrics as rich in heritage as canvas. There’s a reason it’s remained a sought-after fabric since it was first spun in India in 1500 BC. One of them, and why it’s a great choice for our garments is its practicality. It’s resistant to wear and tears and looks better with age.



Our collection takes inspiration from time-tested style and vintage workwear pieces. Take the #3025 chore jacket for example. A piece originally designed for manual workers to wear over their overalls, it features pleats on the reverse and tucks around the elbow to allow for extra movement.




How you style it is up to you; the beauty of this fabric is how it can be worn across seasons. Garments worn as overshirts in warmer climates transition to outerwear pieces when the temperature drops. If you still need extra layering, try the #3028 or #3029, two zip-up canvas vests, both lined for warmth.



#3029 & #3028


A lot of fabrics we take for granted today were put to the ultimate test of endurance when worn by the military; canvas is no exception. Used by British forces during the Second World War, because of its durability, comfort, and ability to be made water resistant, the fabric became the obvious choice for uniforms, bags, and tents.

The Parachute Regiment were constantly on the move, they needed a strong, durable fabric that would act as shelter, but could easily be packed down. The most common tent used by them, made from canvas fabric, was the General Service (GS) Tent, used for sleeping quarters, mess halls, offices and other general purposes.



Canvas truly is a timeless material, so when paired with timeless clothing you can’t go wrong. The #3027 canvas buttoned overshirt is a piece that captures the minimalistic yet utilitarian aspects of workwear. This is a great piece for everyday wear, which includes enhancing details such as reinforced elbows, deadstock metal button and three patch packets.





As mentioned before, this strong fabric looks better with age, it’ll also mould to the shape of your body over time. With age, canvas develops a unique texture that adds character and charm to its appearance. This aged look enhances its visual appeal, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

The combination of aesthetic and personalised comfort make the fabric a perfect choice for aprons. Whether in the kitchen or workshop, the #9001 tie-back apron and #9003 Japanese-style aprons, both crafted from canvas make them the perfect choice for various tasks.

Canvas, practical, reliable, resistant and rigid. A fabric that will last, wear after wear. Wear it your way and let age tell a story.