Fieldnotes 006 | Spoiled Life Store, St Andrews

Fieldnotes 006 | Spoiled Life Store, St Andrews

Fieldnotes 006 | Spoiled Life Store, St Andrews

St Andrews is well known for a handful of things: stunning scenery, a prestigious university, golf. But in and amongst the city’s historic locations, there’s a vibrant independent scene in this Scottish town, full of newer treasure.

Spoiled Life Store is one of them. A shopping experience that brings the community closer to design, craftsmanship, and mindful living. Glenn and Steve who founded the store (the first iteration of which was a hairdressers and coffee shop) drew inspiration from their worldly travels, aiming to infuse Scandinavian design, Moroccan style, and European trends into one destination.



Inside the store, you can expect to find art, music, fragrance and clothing, alongside a coffee and pastry counter with well-chosen produce. Passionate about sustainability, Spoiled Life takes pride in collaborating with responsible brands, offering an array of sustainable and ethically-produced products, including clothing, handbags, and biodegradable sunglasses. We spoke to Glenn and Steve about the Spoiled story so far. 



Can you tell us a little bit about how you choose what to stock?

When selecting new brands for our collection, we focus on unique tones, textures, high-quality materials, and considerate design. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our decision-making process, and we have a special collection of sustainable brands, ranging from vegan handbags to biodegradable sunglasses.

How does Uskees fit in?

Uskees is a perfect fit within our store because they share our values. Their garments are not just impeccably designed but also have a minimal environmental impact. From their repair service to their "clothing for life" attitude, Uskees demonstrate a genuine commitment to responsible fashion.



What's great about St Andrews?

St Andrews is a town with a vibrant community, blending locals, students, and tourists, each bringing their unique stories and conversations into our store. It's a really dynamic place that fosters diversity and creativity.



Where else should people check out in your town?

St Andrews has a lot to offer. We recommend checking out St Andrews Wine Company for a delightful selection of wines, Toppings & Company Booksellers for book lovers, and Clelland & Co for super cool eyewear.



How would you style up Uskees products?

Uskees' clothing is incredibly versatile, making it easy to create a variety of stylish outfits. Our personal favourite is the zip-up overshirt, which pairs effortlessly with a white tee and black wide leg cords, offering a smart and unisex layered look suitable for everyday wear.

What would be your three essential items in your store?

Our three must-haves are the Uskees small tote bag in khaki, the Husk coffee cup (12oz) with lid in charcoal, and the monthly issue of Apartamento magazine, a source of inspiration for design enthusiasts.

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