Head to toe | A made in the UK collection of knits

Range of new Uskees organic cotton socks.

Introducing Uskees head to toe, a brand new collection of wool hats and organic cotton socks, designed and knitted in the UK, using the finest materials and specialist techniques.

Head to toe focuses on the natural properties of knit: texture, colour, warmth and wearability.

We asked photographer Harry Renton to test out some of his favourites out in the Peak District.

(Instagram - @harryrentonphoto)

montage of head to toe collection - socks and hats - photography by Harry Renton

Our speckled donegal wool hats are made in Scotland from fine wools which have been dyed and spun in County Donegal in Ireland.

They are wrinkle, odour and stain resistant. They come in four colours: yellow, ultra blue, burnt orange and army green.

They are chunky and flecked with subtle speckling. They have an adjustable cuff too.

Our british wool hat is completely undyed, meaning the colour of the hat is the colour of the sheep the wool came from. It is a mix of Bluefaced Leicester wool for softness and Masham wool for durability. It comes in four shades: oat, light oat, bran and rye.

The lambswool watch hat comes from the very first shearing of the sheep, meaning it’s super fine and soft. It has a classic watch hat shape, with an adjustable cuff.

It comes in navy, red, grey and black, and because it's 100% wool, it will resist wrinkles, stains and odours.

Our organic cotton socks are created in Scotland by specialist knit producers, using random parallel knitting.

Comprised of three colours of yarn, these socks are created by randomly treading different colours into the machine by hand. This results in each sock’s random and unique pattern.

They’re warm and durable, and feature a section of ribbing around the arch of the foot, to keep socks in one place. So they’re as good for hiking as they are for everyday wear.

They come in grapefruit, army green, gold and violet mixes.

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