The 3013 coach jacket size guide

1. **Deliberately Oversized Silhouette:**
The 3013 Coach Jacket features a deliberately oversized silhouette, designed to provide a relaxed and roomy fit. This oversized style adds a contemporary and urban edge to the jacket, making it a fashionable outerwear piece.

2. **Wide Around the Torso with Drawstring at Base for Tapering:**
The coach jacket is wide around the torso, offering a comfortable and loose fit. However, it comes with a drawstring at the base, allowing you to adjust and taper the jacket's width to your preference. This feature offers versatility in styling, as you can wear it both loosely and cinched for different looks.

3. **More Volume Around Sleeves Than a #3001:**
The 3013 Coach Jacket is designed to have more volume around the sleeves compared to the #3001 overshirt. This design feature contributes to the relaxed and oversized appearance of the jacket while allowing for ease of movement.

4. **Sleeve Designed to Cover Some of the Hand:**
The coach jacket's sleeves are intentionally designed to provide coverage that extends over some of the hand. This sleeve length adds to the overall casual and contemporary aesthetic of the jacket.

5. **Functional Cuff with Nickel-Free Popper:**
The 3013 Coach Jacket comes with a functional cuff featuring a nickel-free popper closure. This cuff design allows you to secure the sleeves comfortably and adds to the jacket's practicality.

6. **Sizing Consideration and Note:**
Given the deliberately oversized nature of the jacket, if you prefer a regular fit rather than an exaggerated oversized look, it is recommended to size down by one size. This adjustment will offer a more traditional fit without compromising the comfort and style of the jacket.

As with any garment, personal preferences may differ, so trying on the jacket in different sizes can help you find the perfect fit for your style and comfort. The 3013 Coach Jacket's blend of relaxed design and practical features make it a versatile and trendy addition to your outerwear collection. Enjoy the oversized and fashion-forward appeal of the 3013 Coach Jacket!