The T-Shirt. Pretty simple? Think again.

The T-Shirt. Pretty simple? Think again.

Everyone owns a T-shirt. The one you wore on holiday, the one you got from that gig, the one with the bolognese stain on the front. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Embracing our rich and fulfilling life philosophy, the story of community is at the heart of our brand-new range of graphic tees. Music, family, and food.

Introducing three new designs: Jazz Man, Signature, and Diner.

The Jazz Man tee celebrates a genre of music known for its improvisation and collaboration. A simple sketch that's creation mirrors the aesthetic of the genre, going with the flow and in the moment, never to be done the same way again.

Varsity lettering was traditionally a signifier of college sports teams in the USA. In this case, it’s Team Uskees. Fly the flag and wear it proud. Go Ivy inspired by wearing one with a blazer, or an old school boxing gym look with a pair of joggers and a wool hat.

The Diner is a spin on a tee you might buy as a souvenir or wear as a uniform at a family diner. A place to share stories, reflect on the day, or simply go for a bite to eat. This tee takes a spin on the Uskees ethos of a rich and fulfilling life to "feed hearts and minds". 

Tees started their life in the wardrobe as an undergarment, to be hidden and not seen in public.

James Dean came along in Rebel Without A Cause and stirred audiences in his crisp white T-shirt. It may seem pretty tame compared to today's trends, but this was a statement that moved the world of fashion onto a new chapter.

As pop culture exploded in the 60s, slogans, characters, advertisements, anything and everything appeared on T-shirts. A true blank canvas for self-expression.

Discover our range and embrace our ethos. Clothing for a rich and fulfilling life. 

The full collection is available Friday 31 May 11am BST. 
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