Uskees at the National Portrait Gallery

Uskees at the National Portrait Gallery

Art is at the core of what we’re about. So naturally, our clothes go hand in hand with artists and creatives.

Earlier this year, we were honoured to be approached by the National Portrait Gallery in London to be stocked within the gift shop as part of the David Hockney, Drawing from Life exhibition.


Celia, Carennac, August 1971 by David Hockney, Colored pencil on paper, © David Hockney, Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt, Collection The David Hockney Foundation

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’re big fans of Hockney’s work, and we think this exhibition is a perfect pairing of our use of colour alongside Hockney’s vibrant work.

Born in 1937 in Bradford, Hockney’s name became synonymous within the 60s pop art movement. This exhibition explores Hockney's work over the last six decades, through his intimate portraits of five sitters: his mother, Celia Birtwell, Gregory Evans, Maurice Payne and the artist himself.

Spanning a range of different styles and techniques using pencil, pen, ink, and crayon, the exhibition also looks into how Hockney has evolved into an artist of the contemporary age, showcasing his work with photographic collages and the iPad.

David Hockney, Drawing from Life at The National Portrait Gallery is running from 2nd November 2023 - 21st January 2024.

We highly recommend you visit, and even shop some of the Uskees collection whilst you’re there.