Fieldnotes 004 | Working Title, Norwich

Fieldnotes 004 | Working Title, Norwich

For Fieldnotes this month we’re heading to Norwich, in the picturesque county of Norfolk. Norwich has a thriving independent scene, a popular location for artists and creatives too. It makes sense: A medieval town which has both historical and modern charm. Near the sea, near an abundance of countryside, and not far from some major cities too. In this mix sits Working Title.

Founded in 2016 by Martin Turner, the store has become a go-to destination for aesthetically-minded customers seeking fashion, homeware and lifestyle with a sense of personality. With a strong emphasis on quality, and brands which compliment each other in terms of craft. Working Title offers everything from workwear and contemporary clothing to grooming products, homewares, and curated vintage items. In his shop, the practical and the whimsical go hand in hand. 



How do you decide which products to stock in Working Title?

I immediately know. There are a few factors which the brand and product has to go through before it becomes part of the Working Title family: obviously quality and how it portrays itself; the overall brand vibe and even down to their tags are an important detail to me. 

Where does Uskees fit in?

Uskees is just the perfect staple workwear brand. You can grab a canvas or cord overshirt for example and it will literally work with any product in Working Title. Great values too.

What do you love about your city? Where should we check out?

It’s a historic medieval city with a lot of beautiful architecture and character. There’s some great vintage furniture shops down Magdalene Street and there’s plenty of great clothing independents: Philip Browne, Elements, Trumbull and Hatters each adding their own vibe to the mix. I look up to the shops which take the gamble and work with brands a lot of other independents don’t have. There’s a thriving independent food and drink scene here too, with a lot of veggie and vegan options.



Tough question – what are some of you favourite items in your store?

This is a very tough question. I choose everything with such passion! I’m definitely going to say the Autry Action Shoes as I wasn’t much of a trainer guy but these are just great and work with anything I wear. I always have great shirts in store, especially in Spring/Summer when they have such a wide range of cool patterns. We also have some amazing grooming products and fragrances from worldwide brands you might not see easily elsewhere.



How do you like to style your Uskees?

I'd probably go for a cool oversized tapered trouser, a colorful shirt underneath, a fedora or cap, and some trainers (for a more spring/summer casual vibe). But you could literally go for a Western look or even something more formal from our brand mix.

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