Fieldnotes 002 | Passenger Outfitters, Northampton

Fieldnotes 002 | Passenger Outfitters, Northampton

When iconic Northampton menswear store Driver closed down, then-teenager Lawrenze Denton knew it couldn’t be the end of the story. He’d had a Saturday job at the store, and had seen how the owner Steve had built a community around his love of quality brands.

With his siblings Alex and Nina, they decided to start Passenger Outfitters (the name a nod to how Driver had inspired them). They love brands with a history or meaningful message behind them, and are passionate about reigniting the buzz in their hometown of Northampton–a place with tons of history when it comes to British-made apparel.



Each sibling has a unique style, and where they converge is somewhere between streetwear, workwear, and useful design for modern life. We spoke to Lawrenze about the store and the town he loves.

Can you tell us about your store?

We are a family run clothing store owned by 3 siblings, each with their own style which is reflected in the pieces we get in.



Can you tell us a little bit about how you choose what to stock?

The simple answer is we choose what we love. We have to really care about each piece we get in but we particularly love brands with a history or sustained message behind them. And of course we all have to agree, which can be challenging.

How does Uskees fit in?

Uskees is an amazing brand with some incredible work wear offerings with fantastic quality. Additionally, they offer a sewing kit with each piece and free repairs which is a fantastic way to stop clothes going to landfill once used.

What’s great about Northampton? 

Northampton is a bustling place for independents with a rich history. There are also a fantastic range of incredible bars and brilliant green spaces. If you’re in town I’d recommend going for a couple pints at The Princess Alexandra, The Lamplighter, Maule Brewing Co. or The Garibaldi Hotel. Rounded off with a nice glass of wine at the V and B Bar. Whatever the vibe Northampton has it for you.

How would you style up Uskees products?

The beauty of Uskees is they can be worn in basically any way you can think of. You could lean into the workwear aesthetic and style the pieces with other work items and boots, go a bit more casual and throw on a pair of baggier trousers and trainers for some cosy vibes or smarten it up with some loafers. There really isn’t a limit.

What are your three essential items from your store?

This is so tough but for me, my essentials would be the Zama pants by Wawwa, the Uskees hooded smock and Obey’s heavyweight tees.



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