The 3030 crew neck cord zip jacket size guide

1. **Slightly Longer Torso than #3001 for Jacket-Like Appearance:**
The 3030 Crew Neck Cord Zip Jacket features a slightly longer torso compared to the #3001 overshirt. This design element gives the jacket a more traditional and jacket-like appearance. The longer length offers additional coverage and makes it suitable for wearing as outerwear in various weather conditions.

2. **More Oversized on Chest and Waist than #3001:**
The jacket is intentionally more oversized on the chest and waist compared to the #3001 overshirt. This oversized fit provides a relaxed and comfortable look, perfect for casual and everyday wear. When selecting your size, consider the extra room around the chest and waist for a comfortable fit.

3. **Shorter Sleeve Ending at the Wrist with Fitted Cuff, Vintage Worker Style:**
The 3030 jacket is designed with shorter sleeves that end at the wrists, following the vintage worker-style aesthetic. The sleeves feature fitted cuffs to keep them in place and maintain the overall structured appearance. When trying on the jacket, ensure that the sleeves hit at your wrists and that the cuffs are snug but not restrictive.

4. **Double-Ended Zip Allows Comfortable Fit When Sitting and Adds Styling Option:**
The jacket comes with a double-ended zip, allowing you to adjust the fit and open the jacket from both the top and the bottom. This feature provides a comfortable fit when sitting down and offers additional styling options. You can partially zip it up for a more relaxed look or fully zip it for a cozier and warmer fit.

5. **Can Be Used as a Layering Piece Under and Over Other Pieces:**
The 3030 Crew Neck Cord Zip Jacket is versatile and can be used as both an outer layer and a layering piece. You can wear it over a t-shirt or lightweight sweater for a stylish and comfortable look. Alternatively, it can be used as an additional layer under a coat or heavier jacket during colder weather.

As with any garment, personal preferences may vary, so it's always a good idea to try on the 3030 jacket in different sizes to find the one that best suits your style and comfort. The jacket's combination of vintage-inspired design and practical features make it a fashionable and functional addition to your wardrobe. Enjoy the stylish and versatile appeal of the 3030 Crew Neck Cord Zip Jacket!