Uskees at the Tate Modern

Uskees at the Tate Modern

If you ask someone which art galleries to visit in London, the Tate Modern is usually somewhere at the top of the list.

In October 2023, we were very proud to be approached by the iconic gallery to be a stockist to coincide with the Philip Guston exhibition.

The youngest of seven children and the child of Ukrainian refugees, Philip Guston was born in Canada in 1913 but grew up in Los Angeles.

Philip Guston: A Life Lived (1981), Directed by Michael Blackwood, Produced by Michael Blackwood Productions

Guston's upbringing and early work laid the foundation that molded him into one of the most celebrated abstract painters of the 50s and 60s.

His art spanned over 50 years, capturing the anxious and turbulent world he witnessed. By transforming everyday evils into works of art, Guston's work served as social commentary on the tumultuous events of his time.

One of the most interesting things about Guston as an artist was his constant change of style.

He started off his career making comic books, before moving on to murals.

Philip Guston, Reuben Kadish and Jules Langsner in front of their fresco The Struggle Against Terrorism, 1935, in Morelia, Mexico. Image courtesy of The Guston Foundation

His innovative leaps in boundaries, along with fresh exciting new ideas reflecting the contemporary world, are what earned Guston a spot as one of America's most influential modern artists.

Philip Guston Painting, Smoking. Eating 1973 Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam © The Estate of Philip Guston, courtesy Hauser & Wirth.

Guston's work continues to inspire new generations of artists beyond his 50-year career and continues to provoke those who admire his art to question the world we live in. Philip Guston was not only an artist but also a social commentator.

To celebrate this exciting collaboration, the Tate Modern is the exclusive stockist of the #3011 Workshirt in Dusty Pink.

The exhibition is running at the Tate Modern, Bankside, London, until 25 February 2024. We highly recommend a visit, and be sure to look out for us along the way.