Superlight: The Perfect Blank Canvas

Superlight: The Perfect Blank Canvas

It's the best of both worlds: timeless workwear-inspired garments presented in a lighter alternative to our core range.

Crafted from 160gsm organic cotton, the Superlight range boasts the perfect combination of sharp detailing with a relaxed feel. 

These garments are versatile all year round, perfect for wearing as your primary layer in spring/summer or as a base layer in autumn/winter. Wear them your way and use the range as a blank canvas to express your style.

Whether you find yourself in the Maldives or Manchester, you can adapt the pieces to suit different climates.

Take our #6002 lightweight zip-front jacket, for example. This garment features a contrast double zip, offering extra comfort. Underarm vents ensure breathability, while the reinforced collar ensures the jacket maintains its shape. It's a simple yet functional design. 

In both images, Salim wears the #6002 in dusty pink. The pastel colourway pairs perfectly with cream; their shared lightness and subtle contrast make this look ideal for spring/summer.

If buttons are more your style, they're also an option. The #6001 lightweight overshirt is available in a range of colours, from summer pastels to core earth tones. Featuring matte black press studs, this overshirt can easily be undone and worn with a t-shirt or shirt underneath. It's the perfect piece to reach for when it's too hot for a coat but too cold for just a t-shirt.

GSM (grams per square meter) is the standard measurement used to describe the weight of fabric. For lightweight fabrics, a GSM of 160 and below is generally recommended. As the Superlight range is crafted from 160GSM cotton, it allows garments to serve as core summer pieces while also functioning as base layers during other seasons of the year.

Jodie wears the #6003 lightweight short sleeve shirt. In the summer, this garment falls somewhere between a shirt and a jacket, offering versatility. It can be worn alone or layered with a vest or t-shirt underneath. Reminiscent of the attire worn by gas station workers in 1950s America, it's practical for work yet capable of withstanding heat.

Alternatively, this can also be worn as a traditional shirt. Salim wears a mid-weight cotton suit to the left and a drill overshirt and pants to the right, both layered with the #6003 underneath. 

Superlight signifies workwear suitable for all seasons, regardless of weather conditions or location. Similar to the midweight cotton range, all items in the range are coordinated with matching pieces, including short sleeves, long sleeves, trousers, and shorts.

It’s the perfect blank canvas. How you style it, the choice is yours. Shop the full collection here.