How we designed issue 2, 23

How we designed issue 2, 23

What goes into a new Uskees collection? Well, it all starts with materials.

The core component of our offering is what we call 20s10s, a medium weight organic cotton which we use to make lots of our classic pieces like our #3001 buttoned overshirt and the #3013 coach jacket.

But for 2, 23 we have incorporated new textiles to help you layer your garments, build full outfits and transition smoothly from season to season. 

The new issue features garments made of canvas and drill, two materials which we have carefully selected for their durable properties. Organic cotton drill and organic cotton canvas are exceptional choices that not only prioritise longevity but also embody a range of other remarkable qualities. 

Organic cotton drill, known for its diagonal weave pattern, offers exceptional strength, making it perfect for rugged workwear and outdoor apparel that withstands the test of time. Its durability doesn't compromise comfort, as it maintains a soft texture against the skin while retaining its sturdiness. Moreover, organic cotton drill is sourced through environmentally conscious methods, minimising the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, thus reducing harm to both ecosystems and workers in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, the inherent sturdiness of cotton canvas lends itself well to products like bags, jackets, and utility wear that require not only resilience but also a touch of sophistication. Beyond its durability, organic cotton canvas also stands out for its eco-friendly production process. By adhering to organic farming practices, this canvas is cultivated without the use of genetically modified seeds or harmful chemicals. This not only promotes soil health but also ensures a safer working environment for the farmers involved.



The qualities of these textiles have lent themselves to new garments in the collection too. Our commuter range is made from cotton drill and it is designed for those who navigate the city day to day, wanting to look good in a number of locations and situations. The collection features a number of pants and blazers with features such as layers pockets, reinforced inseams for cyclists (we listened to your feedback on this one), and collars which can be styled as a blazer or an overshirt.



Our #3024 drill overshirt with layered pockets is inspired by urban street style, especially that of the legendary New York photographer Bill Cunningham. Just as Cunningham captured the essence of street fashion through his candid photography, this overshirt encapsulates his spirit by seamlessly blending functionality with artistic expression. The layered pockets, reminiscent of Cunningham's own camera-laden jacket, not only offer practicality but also serve as a nod to his keen eye for detail and ability to capture unexpected beauty in everyday life. 



Elsewhere in the collection, our canvas pieces are inspired by the jackets of labourers, which are roomy enough to wear over overalls. Details like a soft lining and contrasting corduroy collars add modern style and comfort too.

We’re also really excited about the launch of some stand-alone pieces, like the #5018 cord boat pants, which have an exaggerated wide leg and are inspired by vintage styles. They’re available in new colours like citronella and eucalyptus which are enticing and unexpected. We like that these pants are a little bit different, but you can still style them casually with your everyday wardrobe. 



Colour palette is also a crucial decision when it comes to putting together a new Issue. While retaining our core colours, we like to incorporate new hues which delight and surprise, while also maintaining they work hard in your wardrobe: complimenting and pairing with many other items. 

New colours include rich deep shades like blueberry and moss, alongside muted brights like dusty rose, citronella and eucalyptus. Our classic bold shades like gold and ultramarine will remain too. The design team say that these shades express ‘optimism, stability and balance’, though we also love them because they feel fresh and grown-up too. 


So, how are you planning to wear issue 2, 23?



Images used in this article do not belong to Uskees. They are representative of research conducted by the design team.