Fieldnotes 003 | Sailors of Rye, Rye

Fieldnotes 003 | Sailors of Rye, Rye

“If it’s not in our lives, then it’s not in the shop”. This simple statement is at the heart of how Sailors of Rye operate as a store. As a principle, it’s about providing a platform for beautiful, useful clothing and objects which serve a purpose. These objects have meaning for owner Marin, who puts it another way: “It’s really important for us to sell what we love”.



The 'Rye' in 'Sailors of...' is an East Sussex town which is the textbook definition of pictures que. Its almost magical characteristics have been well-preserved: winding cobbled streets, black and white Tudor cottages and 600 year old pubs. It’s a popular spot to live and to visit. 



On the high street you’ll find Sailors, located in an old-fashioned building with a distinctive front window, stocked with contemporary, minimal objects. There’s a nod to all things nautical too: Rye is just three miles from the sea. It’s a refreshing contrast to much of the village, which is spilling over with antique shops, vintage tea rooms and the like. That’s what the crowd who shop at Sailors gravitate too: it’s taste, simplicity and sense of fun. We spoke to Martin about Sailors of Rye, Rye and the objects they love. 


Can you tell us a little about your store?

We sell a curated collection of clothing and homeware. Sustainable lifestyle pieces that will last years.


What’s great about Rye?

We’re right on the coast and have the countryside so nearby. Everyone is always so happy.

What should people seek out if they visit?

We have so many great independent businesses. Visitors should seek out a copy of RyeZine. It’s a great way to find out about the people and places that make Rye special.



How do you like to style up your Uskees garments?

At the moment I am still layering up big time. Over my long sleeve tee is a vine green medium #3001 under a huge vintage chunky knit and over this I am wearing an XL cord 3001 in navy and my favourite scarf from Rove Knitwear (made in Manchester). All teamed with drop crotch trousers and Hi Top trainers. I would say I am at that point in the season where I really am ready for my spring gear.



What are your three essential items in your store?

The #3001 overshirt in ultra blue, our favourite sea moss candle by Maren + Wild, and an Arnold Circus stool designed by Martino Gamper.

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