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Yuck Vol.4


We’re super-stoked that Arlo Parks will be gracing our cover, Tom Bibby caught up with the ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’ star to talk about her debut album, mental health, and her early days as a writer.

Shame spoke to us about their acclaimed new album ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, their infamous Instagram live streams, and their plans for the future. Edie McQueen sat down with Maximo Park’s Paul Smith to get the lowdown on their upcoming studio album ‘Nature Always Wins’. Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart answered some questions about ‘OH NO’, the duo’s upcoming album of duets featuring the likes of Liz Harris and Sharon Van Etten.

Julia Bardo and Molly Payton write ‘Love Letters Home’ as the pandemic grounds them in the UK, away from home and family life. A Day @ The Label does Birkenhead as we spend some time with Eggy Records to find out how the magic happens at the DIY label. The mercurial Benny Sings zoomed us from Amsterdam, camera firmly turned-off, to talk about his latest single ‘Nobody’s Fault’, and his recent collaborations with the likes of Tom Misch.

Tom Preece got on the phone with Tom Roberts of Cardiff-based rockers TJ Roberts; they chatted about their recent full-length, ‘Love, Loss & Other Useless Things’, and their new community interest label, Rose Recording Co. Alex Amor pens her own piece on the modern dating experience and the songs that inspired her latest EP ‘Love Language.’ Sunglasses For Jaws document their recent time in Sean Lennon’s NYC studio through some ace behind-the-scenes photography; they’re due to release their debut concept record, ‘Everybody’s Made of Bones’ on June 3rd via Pony Recordings.

Nottingham favourites Do Nothing also star, they give us the latest on their upcoming EP ‘Glueland’, due 12th March. It’s a triple-dose of ‘straya in Vol.4, as Skegss feature in another one of our infamous Q&A’s. There is also a score of new talent to discover, LUMER, Robbie & Mona, Sourface, Lando Manning, Freya Beer, and Maddy Storm are the artists you’ll be telling your mates about, as we reboot ‘Tell Your Mates’ in collaboration with Uskees. As ever, you’ll be able to find more exclusive content inside that you won’t see anywhere else.

Nowadays, we're encouraged to throw our clothes onto the scrap heap at the slightest sign of wear and tear.

That's why we've created a product that is legitimately durable and built to last. But we understand that at some point, any product is bound to start tiring.

To try to combat the issue of clothes going to the landfill, we've built a cohesive repair system into our brand, to target each stage of the products lifespan.

All of our Uskees garments come with a free repair kit. These kits are tailored to each product, providing the appropriate materials to take care of any small repairs

Uskees mini repair kit.

If it’s more serious than that, we offer a free repair service. We’ll fix up your garment and send it back to you, ensuring that it remains essential to your life.

To register your item for our free repair service simply enter your email address at the bottom of the page.

For more details about how to return your garment for repair, please click here.

We also understand that sometimes you just get bored of an item of clothing, or it starts to look a bit past its best. If that happens, we’d be more than happy to buy your garment back and repurpose it, just click here to find out more.

Basic Care Tips for Uskees Clothing

  • Try to wash clothing less which will help to prolong the life of your Uskees clothing
  • Try airing your clothes and then see if they really need to be washed
  • Sponge small spots or stains with water to try and remove them
  • Don’t use a biological washing powder as these contain small amounts of bleaching agents which will cause colour fading of organic cotton over time
  • Always wash your Uskees garments inside out
  • Try a wash cycle with a low spin to prevent too much creasing
  • If you are line drying your Uskees outside, dry the garment inside out to prevent any sun fading and avoid strong sunlight especially with black colours
  • Only iron when necessary
  • Get your storage right - storage is important to make sure your clothing looks its very best every time you put it on. Folding and piling your clothing encourages creases that can stay forever. Hang up shirts on a good quality hanger and use clip hangers to hang your pants in the wardrobe to avoid excess creasing

We use GOTS standard organic cotton for all of our Uskees products. When washing your clothing you need to carefully read the washing instructions on the Wash Care Label which can be found inside the garment.


Let's take a look at the Uskees Wash Care Label

You will notice that the front of the Wash Care Label says 'Be Kind to the Planet – wash cold’.

If you use cooler water there are many benefits to you and the planet, these include:

  • Helps your clothes last longer - heat can cause damage to fabrics and fibres
  • Reduces your carbon footprint - when you put a load of washing on, around 90% of the energy used by your washing machine is needed to heat the water. The simple act of washing clothes in cold water can make a huge difference to the reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that contribute to air pollution
  • Saves money - when you can wash your clothes in cold water, you should save money because you’re not spending so much on electricity to heat up the water

If you look on the other side of the Wash Care Label you will see the following:

  • 30°C Washing Machine temperature - it is recommended that you wash your Uskees clothing at 30°C or lower as low temperature washing not only saves energy, it also prolongs the life of your garment. As organic cotton is not treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat it needs to be treated with more care and not subjected to high washing temperatures
  • Machine wash inside out with similar colour fabrics as colour may transfer - because chemical colour fixatives are not used, please do not mix dark colours with light ones for the first few washes due to possible dye bleed
  • Do not bleach - eco-friendly dyes are just as long lasting as the chemical dyes used on conventional products, however they will fade if powerful biological detergents (many of which contain bleaching agents) are used. Do not use chlorine bleach when washing Uskees’ products as it will fade the colour of the organic cotton and weaken the garment's fibre strength
  • Tumble dry low - be careful how you dry organic cotton apparel.  As organic cotton is not treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat it needs to be treated with more care and not subjected to high drying temperatures for a prolonged period of time. If possible, hang your garment to dry or line dry outside out of direct sunlight
  • Warm iron - It’s important to understand that organic cotton isn’t treated with anti-wrinkle chemicals, so it can crease easily. Don’t leave it in the washing machine for a prolonged period after the wash cycle has finished as this will result in more creasing. To help reduce creasing, give the garment a shake when it comes out of the machine. We recommend that you iron your garment, if necessary, at a low temperature when it is still damp
  • Do not Dry Clean - we do not recommend that you have your Uskees’ garments dry cleaned. The high heat will cause the material to shrink and the chemical solvents used in dry cleaning can weaken the fibre strength


Click here to find out more.


Click here to find out more.

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