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Uskees x Rebel Yuth Zero Waste

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Samples of Rebel Yuth felt-top sketches for Uskees 'Zero Waste' campaign.

Earlier this year we launched our Zero Waste Collection, enabling us to utilise all of the waste fabric that is left over when we make our core collections to create an ongoing range of limited-edition garments. As part of the second drop of Zero Waste items, we have teamed up with UK based artist and illustrator John Speed, aka Rebel Yuth to create an exciting collection of Zero Waste x Rebel Yuth Tote Bags.

So, who is Rebel Yuth?

Rebel Yuth is a 30-year-old Sussex-based artist. Some of his most recent clients and features include Selfridges, Staple Pigeon, Stetson, Highsnobiety, Complex, Puma, Schott NYC, Poler, Cheap Monday, ID Magazine, Bench Sportswear. The main inspirations for his work come from old films, 50s americana advertising, tattoo culture, cartoons and nature. When he’s not drawing, he enjoys painting, writing poetry, reading (currently: Breathe - James Nestor), hiking and getting lost in the woods.

John Speed of Rebel Yuth.

We spoke to Rebel Yuth about how the collaboration came about.

"I was originally introduced to Uskees through Sam at, an amazing little indie store in west London who I have had the pleasure to work with before. I love Uskees brand message about being aware of being sustainable but also making a conscious effort and not just saying it. Putting money where your mouth is. The no nonsense workwear appeals to me too, just clean utility. Easy to throw together an outfit... Something that looks better with wear for the individual to make its own, especially for me when working with lots of materials that stain and mark. This is also why I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a self-repair kit with my jacket. I am really fond of make do and mend / DIY mentality. Also being clean plain workwear, it gave me an eye as a blank canvas for my designs. You can never go wrong with an overshirt. Classic throwback with a modern twist. Uskees seems for me to just be a reinterpretation of timeless classics with an ethical and modern twist."

Uskees jade overshirt unbuttoned and laid on floor.

The Collaboration Process

We asked Rebel Yuth to design some illustrations that would align perfectly with Uskees brand values by reflecting aspects of our manifesto. This led to a number of creative drawings that we thought would work as awesome prints on a selection of our new Zero Waste pieces.

Samples of Rebel Yuth felt-top sketches for Uskees 'Zero Waste' campaign.

Uskees x Rebel Yuth Zero Waste Collection

The Uskees x Rebel Yuth Zero Waste Edit features a selection of printed Organic Tote Bags in Black, Khaki, Purple and Army Green.

Small black Uskees tote bag with Rebel Yuth zero waste graphics.
The Collection is now available in limited numbers online. View the full collection here.

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