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A Victorian Summer | Campaign

Posted by David Wall on
Happy couple eating candyfloss on seaside bench wearing Uskees powder-coloured overshirts.

Introducing A Victorian Summer, the latest campaign by Uskees.

Couple standing on steps at Welsh seaside waring pastel pants and Uskees powder-coloured overshirts.

The #3003 Buttoned Workshirt in Powder

Man sat on seaside bench reading 'fast fashion' newspaper wearing Uskees grey overshirt.

The #3004 Buttoned Jacket in Teal

With this shoot we wanted to lighten everything up a bit and move away from the industrial, sparse, muted and slightly serious look that we’ve been going for with Uskees so far. We wanted this shoot to be a marker in the sand that would say right, it’s nearly summer and everything is a bit brighter and more optimistic now that we’re coming out of lockdown. We wanted to give the brand some levity; to instil some of the fun, hopefulness and give it that injection of bold colour that is in the DNA of Uskees.

Couple sat on bench wearing purple Uskees smock and shirt eating ice cream.

The #3008 Zero Waste Smock in Purple

The #3003 Buttoned Workshirt in Purple

Woman wearing Uskees 'powder' coloured shirt with seaside hotel in background.

The #3003 Buttoned Workshirt in Powder

Couple wearing yellow Uskees shirts in seaside gift shop.

The #3003 Buttoned Workshirt in Yellow

At the same time, we didn’t want to lose the connection to work that Uskees has so we thought…where would your mill or factory worker have gone on holiday years ago? The answer was, of course, they’d go to the coast, the great British seaside! We chose Llandudno for its beautiful pier and lovely old Victorian buildings. We wanted to use your classic seaside props to add the fun, light heartedness and of course colour that is Uskees.

Man wearing ultra-blue Uskees smock while flying kite on Welsh beach.

The #3002 Zip-Front Jacket in Ultra Blue

The #3008 Organic Smock in Ultra Blue

Couple wearing super-green Uskees smock and overshirt at seaside snack kiosk.

The #3008 Zero Waste Smock in Super Green

Crouching and posing for camera wearing 'powder' colored Uskees overshirt.

The #3003 Buttoned Workshirt in Powder

Check out our flipbook for more on this campaign.

'A Victorian Summer' is the first in a trilogy of shoots, so watch this space.

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