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General Store x Uskees | A conversation with Mital Morar, Founder of Store Group

Posted by David Wall on
General Store and Uskees cover image.

To coincide with the launch of their brand new site in MediaCity, we have partnered with fellow Manchester based brand General Store for a one-off collaboration. With their aim to create unique and sustainable retail experiences, we decided to work together to create a twist on a traditional uniform with the intention of maintaining this for many years to come.

We spoke to Mital Morar, Founder of Store Group about how the collaboration came about.

“Our initial interest in the Uskees Brand was triggered when their newsletter landed on my desk. I was looking at Uniform options for our new store at MediaCity and I thought the timeless, Workwear look of the brand would fit perfectly with the concept of the General Store Brand. The one-off collaboration with Uskees to supply our uniform, we think was a very exciting, unique approach to our uniform choice.

We wanted to partner with a local Brand that shared our sustainable shopping ethos. We know that the modern shopper naturally expects more and has become increasingly more conscious about their purchases, it’s important for us to build in practices that meet those expectations. Sustainable shopping, vegan produce, and local brands are all on the rise. And we wanted our choice of uniform to reflect those principles.

Woman wearing Uskees x General Store green button-down jacket at Media City, UK. Preparing coffee wearing General Store x Uskees denim button-down jacket.

We were intrigued by Uskees Slow Fashion message. That of making quality garments using 100% organic cotton and natural corozo buttons, that are suitable for everyone and built to last. We also love the idea that each garment comes with a mini repair kit, so you can give your garment a bit of TLC whenever you want. And, should any garment need a little more work, Uskees offer a free comprehensive repair service. Another guarantee that our uniforms will last a long time and continue to look good too.

Montage of 'General Store x Uskees' denim uniform.

After opening our first Moss Side site in 2006, we now have 6 General Store sites, MediaCity making that 7 and our Deansgate Store opening soon. General Store is focused on delivering the future of retail, now. And we have ambitious plans, expansion across the North West initially and then who knows!”

Don’t forget to pop in and visit their latest store next time you’re in the city and keep an eye out for their new General Store x Uskees limited edition overshirts!

'General Store' shop front at Salford Quays, MediaCity, UK. Bar image - General Store x Uskees.

If you want to find out more info about General Store head to their website and give them a follow on Instagram.

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