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Uskees Shot by Harry Renton

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Uskees Shot by Harry Renton

These photos featuring the #3008 Faded Black Smock were taken by Harry Renton earlier this year. Harry is a photographer from the Peak District who found his love for photography through a passion of the outdoors and seeking new adventures.

"Photography has grounded me in the everyday and I find joy in documenting all aspects of everyday life, from the mountains to the streets. Simply these images are documents of the days that I hold dear."

"I focus closely on sustainability and the use of natural, long lasting materials in clothing. As a photographer I wish to inspire those who love the outdoors to also care for it and respect it, being mindful about where and what they buy."

Harry tells us more about this shoot and what inspired him.

"Most of the time I spend here at home in the Peak District, is spent outdoors no matter the weather and with saying that I spend that time wearing hiking gear. Though for all my love of walking up into the hills and getting caught in bad weather I love nothing more than wandering or skating down the country roads finding new places to explore."

"Since moving back home to the hills from Edinburgh, where I lived for three years, I’ve noticed that I am drawn to places that remind me of my favourite spots in the city. The tiny marketplace of my hometown is no different than Old Town in Edinburgh where I used to live and the old cricket pitch reminds me of the Meadows, just much quieter. On my days off from University I would skate around the city taking photos and now I find myself doing the same around Eccles Pike, the local hill that looks out over my town. It’s interesting to see how much of an impact three years in the city has made on me and I’m happy to look back on it and smile. Better yet I can walk the streets here in the Peak District catching little glimpses into the past, nostalgic reminders of a different life but a happy one, nevertheless."

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