All the Love for The Uskees Japanese Cross Back Apron!

All the Love for The Uskees Japanese Cross Back Apron!

We’ve had some serious love recently for our amazing collection of Japanese-inspired cross-back denim aprons. Whether we’ve got our barista companies letting us know how much they love them or our creatives in trades like makeup artistry, hair styling or baking, our customers love our high-quality denim aprons just as much as we do! Practical, elegant and effortlessly stylish, our aprons are based on traditional Japanese styling and feature a simple, no-tie design with chic cross-back detailing.

Because our cross-back denim aprons are unisex, they’re perfect for anyone in any trade or even at home. So easy to put on and take off, these aprons are not just beautifully made and effortlessly practical, but they’ve got a hint of urban-cool about them too. Some might say Uskees is leading the way in making workwear and home aprons stylish again. 


Uskees Cross Back Denim Aprons

With not just one, but FIVE cross-back denim apron styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for yourself or even your whole team.

Let’s take a look at all 5 Uskees Japanese-inspired cross-back aprons.


Heaton Cross Back Denim Apron

Heaton denim cross back apron

Complete with two side pockets, the Heaton Denim Cross-back Apron has a relaxed, low-slung style to it, with cross-over straps that sit comfortably on the shoulder, making it an apron you can wear all day with ease. Falling to just above the knee, this dark wash denim is unisex and ideal for anything from artists to home bakers.


Hulme Cross Back Denim Apron

Featuring a large square pocket on the front, the Hulme cross-back denim apron caters for anyone who needs to carry just a little more while on the job. Again, featuring all-in-one cross-over back straps, this knee-length apron is both comfortable and unisex.

 Hulme Crossback Denim Apron

Stamford Cross Back Denim Apron

Stamford Japanese Style No-tie Apron

 Another of our customer’s favourite, the Japanese style Stamford Apron comes in dark-wash denim and complete with 4 spacious pockets. The all-in-one design makes it both comfortable and elegant for anything from professional work environments to home baking.

 Seymour Cross Back Denim Apron

 denim cross back apron


In indigo denim, the Seymour No-tie Apron features a single rounded, spacious front pocket and is complete with comfortable, wide cross-over back straps for absolute easy and all-day wear.

Whitworth Cross Back Denim Apron

Whitworth Unisex Denim Crossback Apron

This Unisex Denim Apron has 3 useful pockets and is perfect for Crafters, Artists,  Bakers and anyone who loves to BBQ and wants to avoid getting fat splashed on their clothes!

With the variety of pocket styles Uskees are guaranteed to have a cross-back apron that suits you and your business or hobbies. For more inspo, take a look at our Instgram for more images from our real-life customers!

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